Treated Timber is better than Untreated Timber for Furniture Manufacturing

In furniture manufacturing industries, there are number of varieties of timber are used. Some are treated and some are untreated. There are some timbers (Say, Teak, Oak, Beech, Ash, Jackfruit, Jarul, Gorjon, Champ, etc) which are not required to perform chemical treatment as they are wood worm protective already.

But, you see, there are some timbers which taste little bit sweet and are not wood worm protective (say, Mango, Rain Tree, Pine, Koroi etc). These timbers never be used without chemical treatment. After chemical treatment, these timbers may be as same as teak & oak timber. After proper chemical treatment (especially, pressure treatment), their properties & characteristics goes change. They can be easily used for home furniture manufacturing.

There are some other timbers, say, Mahogany Timber, should be treated properly. If you do it and use it for furniture manufacturing, you will see the miracle of it. Its properties will be changed completely and will be more durable than before. If you manufacture furniture with this treated mahogany timber, your furniture would be more durable and strong. Life will be enhanced definitely than before.

You can treat other immature timbers like teak, oak, beech, ash etc to get more durability than before. You know the immature timber has more sap portion than matured and there is a chance to attack by wood worm. If you treat them properly, you will be benefitted and can manufacture furniture undoubtedly. So we can say that, treated timber is better than untreated timber for furniture manufacturing. But mind it; all timbers must be properly seasoned after chemical treatment. It is mandatory for furniture manufacturing.

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